Next-Generation Solutions to Clients Through ISO Certified Training

Clients successfully clear the ISO audit in the first attempt and achieve ISO certificate in first go

100 % successful certification guaranteed.



We provide accredited certification, training and support services to help you improve processes, performance and products & services. We have issued over 10,000 certificates to clients in over 10 countries. We help organizations of all sizes perform better in quality, environment, energy, sustainability and health & safety management. Moreover, we make sure that these improvements continue year in, year out. Often, we will work in close partnership with consultants who can play a crucial role in helping to implement these management systems.

Quality Management Systems

Helping our clients to ensure the highest quality through ISO Certifications.

Strategic Monitoring & Evaluation

Helping our clients increase the value, impact, and sustainability of their company, while ensuring accountability and oversight of the programs implemented.

Management and Implementation

Helping our clients achieve their strategic objectives through creative and cost-effective management and delivery methods.

Pillars of Good Governance

Helping our clients achieve Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity in all projects.

Training and Streamlining

Helping our clients train their employees in order to improve the efficiency of their business through eliminating unnecessary steps, using modernized techniques, and developing other creative approaches.

Research & Analysis

Helping our clients understand complex and challenging topics while building the evidence base for programming, policy, and strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement

Helping our clients promote constructive and sustainable dialogues with their stakeholders at a community level in support of their key objectives.

Capacity Building

We improve organizational performance and effectiveness of our client’s employees through the provision of skills, systems, and high-valued knowledge.

Corporate & HR Services

We assist clients in managing their businesses through enterprise-wide needed services and a holistic HR strategy which are provided based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technologies.


Strength & Reform (S&R), established in 2005, is a specialized consulting company providing: Next-Generation Solutions to Clients Through ISO Certified Training ​, Quality Management Systems, Good Governance, Strategic M&E, Capacity Building, Training and Streamlining, and much more.

Strength & Reform is working locally, regionally, and internationally – which ensures that our services will always live up to internationally standards while at the same time being specialized for each individual case.

​Strength & Reform are especially committed to providing effective guidance & solutions to clients, such as: Internal Quality Auditor Training, ISO Quality Auditing, Six Sigma, ISO 9001 Quality Management & Productivity Management Services - specializing in the field Of Quality Assurance, Environmental- and Food Safety Management Systems.

Strength & Reform has vast experience in Quality Management and has assisted numerous organizations in obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 18001, IEC 17025, ISO 72000, NQA 1, CE Marking and more.

We work with the most reputed certification bodies/ agencies like bureau veritas, SGS, TNV, and more to ensure your certificate have the proper national and international recognition.

Strength & Reform services are always client-focused and are therefore custom tailored for each situation and client to provide the best and most effective service.






Dr. Haitham Hajazi

Director of Good Governance & Local Development Projects

Fatima Suleiman

Administration & Finance Director

Peter Fromberg

Project Manager and

Head of Research

& Development Department

Abdal Mughni

Director of Capital Development

Dr. Arwa Al-Mothaffar

Director of Institutional Capacity Building & Development




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